Gary Numan continue with “broken world” music reporting.

Gary Numan after 1 year continue with second chapter of music reporting about “broken world” again. Again brilliant sound and serious lyrics throughout the whole The Fallen EP album.

Again the crucial times of global changes, political and economic turbulence as well have had an impressive impact on Numan´s music/lyrics creation and production.

Interesting samplings, sometimes agressive sound – makes you feel lusting for live versions.

Absolute EP album highlights is If We Had Known. Impressive slow groove and cold voice with positive mood. Parental advisory: Listening to this song will evoke your melancholy and remind you of our savage human nature. Unbelievable and awesome!

This is a typical example of a record cultivating conceptual artwork and staying true to the classic – a full EP album with no compromises. The EP album with an original, meaningful story as well as sound theme ready for its audience.

Respect again, Gary!

The EP consists of 3 new tracks:
1. It Will End Here
2. The Promise
3. If We Had Known

Album is avalaible on Gary´s store in various formats.

Mojo Lieskovský


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