Good to listen: Jack White | Boarding House Reach

From the first solo debut Blunderbuss, brilliant extraordinery album Lazaretto directly to awesome progressive and strongly alternative masterpiece Boarding House Reach.

Jack White is here with third new album…

Experimental, bizarre, sometimes agressive and modern  – brilliant sound and story. This is radical and impressive album which break all customary methods of recording and music art creativity. Full of broadband sounds, electronics, guitars, gospel blues, sonic voices, funky and other styles mixed with hardly defined, but interesting atmosphere.

Absolut album highlight´s – opening first single track with slow groove Connected by Love is very touching introduction to the album story. Corporation,  Ice Station Zebra and Hipermisophoniac  – jamm session started! And also unbelievable mix of emotional sound fragments.

Why Walk a Dog, Ezmeralda Steals the Show, Abulia and Akrasia (beautiful male voice and pretty old sound style) – seems like movie songs written for mostly imaginary films.

Over and Over and Over classic “white stripes” track. Special attention deserves “scary impressive” short track Everything You´ve Ever Learned. Get in the Mind Shaft  – again emotional sountrack which strongly influence your mood. What´s Done is Done again classic “White” song and final peacefull track Humoresque.


A further dimension of recording was delivered by invited artists such as Louis Cato, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, NeonPhoenix, DJ Harrison, Anthony “Brew” Brewster, Neal Evans and Quincy McCrary, Bobby Allende and Justin Porée, Esther Rose and Ann & Regina McCrary, The McCrary Sisters, Daru Jones and Carla Azar.

Let me repeat – this is a typical example of a record cultivating conceptual artwork and staying true to the classic – a full album with no compromises. The album with an original, meaningful story as well as sound theme ready for its audience. Masterpiece! And album of the year…

The album was released under the Third Man Records

Mojo Lieskovský



Born the youngest of ten children, raised in Southwest Detroit and a resident of Nashville since 2005, Jack White is one of the most prolific and renowned artists of the past fifteen years.
When the White Stripes started in 1997, no one, least of all Jack, ever expected that a red-and-white two-piece band would take hold in the mainstream world. With the release of 2001’s White Blood Cells, the band was thrust on magazine covers and captivated audiences through worldwide touring. “Fell in Love With a Girl” served as the band’s breakthrough hit and its accompanying Michel Gondry Lego clip was chosen by Pitchfork Media as the #1 music video of the 2000’s.
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He has also had success in other bands and as a solo artist. On April 24, 2012, White released his debut solo album, Blunderbuss. His second studio album, Lazaretto, was released on June 10, 2014. Both received wide commercial and critical acclaim.

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