Good to listen: U2 | The Songs of Experience

This is a soundtrack of Irish musicians’ lives, a soundtrack of all of us. Soundtrack of love, peace and tranquility.
U2 releases its next album – Songs of Experience

For over 40 years, through their lyrics and music, they have influenced the world’s music and art scene as almost no others.
How have they done it?
They share their lives with us from early punk beginnings to their star present. They are strong in creating the musical concept of album and lyrics. Serious, funny, timeless and even honest.
American political turbulence, world economic changes, refugee crisis, election results in several countries – all of this had a significant impact on the making of the album.
But the essence of this album remains personal – confessions, justifications, growing from adolescence into adulthood, inner journey of life.
Four Irishmen have matured the same as their children have. Angry youngsters becoming calm sages. Metaphorically – the Irish innocence has become American experience. Bono sings with an ever-increasing American dialect and the music becomes ever-more rockish.

Thinking of Songs of Experience, I’m thinking of the brightest album they’ve ever recorded.
This is a typical example of a recording cultivating conceptual artwork and staying true to the classic – a full album with no compromises. The album with an original, meaningful story as well as an original sound theme ready for its wide audience. And for me, it made even more sense to listen to the previous Songs of Innocence several times. A lot of direct lyrics connections and hidden messages is the icing on the cake.

Mojo Lieskovský

04 Dec 2017, DOUBLE LOUD

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