Savage – Numan´s music report from a broken world

The crucial times of global changes, political and economic turbulence as well as american election results have had an impressive impact on Numan´s music/lyrics creation and production. And his inspiration could be also attributed to his family moving to Los Angeles couple of years ago.

Serious lyrics, Gary´s typical, impressive voice, conceptual album themes and brilliant sound by Ade Fenton production all make the album special and worth listening many times again .

Ghost Nation is a very emotional introduction to the album story. Voice echos, little bit similar to Bowie´s voice make this song strange and interesting.

Bed of Thrones proves the talent of the Ade Fenton production. You will need to listen to those drums and percussions samplings again and again – it´s an unbelievable mix of emotional sound fragments (as if was present Alan Wilder in the studio:)).

Yes, each album also needs a few singles and My Name Is Ruin (a post-apocalyptic story with an amazing voice of Gary´s daughter Persia!), When the World Comes Apart (like a famous Tubeway Army band session with contemporary sound) and Prey for the Pain You Serve are all good examples of them. Fast, interesting samplings, sometimes agressive sound – makes you feel lusting for live versions.

Record Savage include also middle-slow tempo tracks The Ends of Things and And It All Began with You with peaceful atmosphere –  but nice, depressive lyrics.

But the absolute album highlights are Mercy and What God Intended. Impressive slow groove, a cold voice and a warning story from a broken world. Parental advisory: Listening to these songs will evoke your deepest fear, melancholy and remind you of our savage human nature.

And final song Broken could  be soundtrack about our broken world and how everything can start again with hope.

This is a typical example of a record cultivating conceptual artwork and staying true to the classic – a full album with no compromises. The album with an original, meaningful story as well as sound theme ready for its audience.

As Gary describe in my interview:” Buying tracks at a time is like reading pages of a book out of sequence, and not reading entire chapters at all. You miss entirely the true story, the full story. It’s tragic, but I feel confident that sense will return and that the album as a body of work will one day be recognised again. A lot of consumer traits at the moment are happening because they can, not because they should. I have faith that people will realise that because technology allows you to do something, that it isn’t necessarily the best way to do it. Music can take time to reveal itself. It can take many plays, in conjunction with other music around it, before you fully appreciate what it’s about. This can be the beauty of an album. How many times have I listened to an album and made my choices on what I liked and what I didn’t, only to change entirely that opinion after a few more listens.”

So, after extraordinary famous worldwide Telekon, Replicas and Splinter albums success, Gary is back with next brilliant conceptual record. Respect!

Album is avalaible on Gary´s store in various formats.

Mojo Lieskovský

DOUBLE LOUD, 28.09.2017

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