Short talk with Patrick Codenys (Front 242)

Let me share with all fans my new blog interview…about music, technologies and recordings with well known musician, composer and record producer Patrick Codenys (member of Front 242)

credits Bunkermedia_WandeclaytFundamental question: Creating music – what does it mean for you? Is it a long-term process with inspiration coming gradually or it can be spontaneously done – due to modern technology – in a few days?

Creating music was always linked with other artistic fields inspiration. In the beginning as we wanted to create new electronic music directions; I did not want to stick with the usual Rock-Blues-Jazz whatever reference like most bands do; I was more attracted by Architecture on the structure matter and Cinema for the imaginary part of making

The interesting part is to make bridges between artistic disciplines and apply it to your art.

Looking at it from a distance, how do you perceive the changing nature of recording technology?

Very much. Results are reached more easily. But the disadvantage is that technology is also more commercially oriented to make you feel good right away. Therefore you’ll make less effort to impose your ideas as human and involve your true faculties.
I like to work with new technology but keep my old reflexes where ideas are the main conducting part and technology becomes a “creative tool”

What would you keep/restore, if you could – what type of recording?

Work with collage instead of musical composition. Also, use your hands on machines (eventually automate)

It seems that an album could be actually recorded on just one notebook with a good piece of smart software. Still I feel that it somehow sounds pretty much the same (take s works with all types of I-gadgets). Do you see any connection between recording in the 80s and today, technology left aside?

No technology is still available and very old machines still have a lot to give. We have been too fast in jumping from a technology to another. Some people come back to analog modulars because it is still full of resources after almost 40 years.
The question come also on the philosophical level. There should a big part of talks about how you plan on doing music – no matter the technology. Why do I do this kind of music ? What is the link with my true nature ? how to put it in the actual context ? Lots of questions that are essential whatever the 80’s, 90’s or today.
That is why most artist release one record and then disappear … because they do not consider the music as full part of their existence.

How do you approach marketing/promotion of your music?

Normally, the internet becomes the main reference for promo/marketing. Live shows is the aim for artists as it became the only field were they make money.
I always believed that a “underground” attitude is the best but how stay anonymous, or special when the web shows it all ? that’s an way to find out.

It´s possible promote and sell albums without major labels?

Only when the label choose you and decides to push you. There are tons of good singers but only a few are elected. Furthermore, if you are not American or English, your chance are smaller …

Do you still believe in a concept of album? My young friends or kids listen 60 sec from song and skip to next…can full album alive?

I still believe in the concept. I know some kids just listen to on or two tracks but there kids out there being interested in full albums also. Same problem with MP3 versus Wav Aiff. You cannotstop this, it is all a matter of education.

Patrick, how do you feel during this crucial world times?:) Do you feel some influence to your production due this fast world changes?

For Front242, the world news were always an influence as our sound/songs tried to be translations of the worlds tensions. Now that everything in communication has accelerated, it becomes a matter of selection.

So, we (fans) are know, that you are working on the various solo projects – can you describe model of this and when we can expect classic Front 242 album?

I lately released a pre-Front242 project album called UnderViewer which comes back to those pure sounds with a vintage way to do music. Besides that I am still working on track for a future release but it too soon to talk about it. In the past I was involved in several artistic projects (Male or Female, Gaiden, Red Sniper, …)

And what about Europe east block music scene – it´s very interesting because (maybe you know) that we have very strong fan base of electronic bands from early 80ś to nowadays (Depeche Mode, NIN, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Gary Numan, Camouflage…)

I know this and to me, the “East Block” starts in Berlin all the way to Russia. Creative people in the East block are more influenced by electronic music than Rock or so which is more for Anglo-Saxons. So, this is very positive to me.

Can we expect Front 242 trucks in European cities next year? For example Prague, Bratislava or Budapest?

Not sure, we still have to discuss together about how we will do in 2018.

What about Front 242 in a next years?:)

At the moment we only planning some rare Live concerts but I don’t personally give up on some new production …


Patrick, big thanks again for your time!

Mojmír Lieskovský


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