Short talk with Vince Clarke

Let me share my very short blog interview about music, technologies and recordings with well known musician, songwriter, and producer Vince Clarke!

vcVince, basic question – creating of music – what does it mean for you? Is it a long-term process with inspiration coming gradually or it can be spontaneously done – due to modern technology – in a few days?

If I’m writing with Andy, we work pretty quickly. However, the studio work can often take weeks.. I’m slowing down as I get older!

Looking at it from a distance, how do you perceive the changing nature of recording technology?
The technology will become more and more affordable. It’s a very exciting time and there are amazing new synths being developed all the time. It’s sometimes hard to keep up.

Do you feel nostalgic about old recording hardware or music instruments/modules?

Most of my synths are from the 80’s but the recording hardware/software is all digital.

It seems that an album could be actually recorded on just one notebook with a good piece of “smart” software. I feel that it somehow sounds pretty much the same (take s works with all types of I-gadgets).
A lot of musicians are now working with just laptops and some of the stuff being produced is amazing. However the technology itself won’t ‘write the song’ and if the song is no good then all the gadgets in the world won’t help produce a great track.
Do you see any connection between recording in the 60s and today, technology left aside?
The big difference is that today nearly every artist records digitally. The days of tape machines are coming to an end.
How do you approach marketing/promotion of your music? If I take your individual or Erasure success – no words, but your different small projects like VERY RECORDS?
Social media is important and I am gradually creating a data base of journalists that might review the records I release (we’ll put you on it!).
Can you describe idea of VERY RECORDS project?
The idea is to release interesting/oddball electronic music and hopefully to expose it to a wider audience.

It´s possible promote and sell albums without major labels?


Do you still believe in a concept of album? Can full album alive?

I myself still listen to entire records. I believe there are still fans out there who do the same.
What about Vince Clark in a next few years?:)
Producing, writing, touring, remixing, recording and fiddling with synths.
Big thanks Vince for your time!
Mojo Lieskovský/DOUBLE LOUD

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