Short talk with Gary Numan

Let me share with all fans my second short interview with well known musician, songwriter, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist …about music, feelings, plans and current world. Enjoy…


Gary – how do you feel during this crucial world times?

I feel unsettled. Values and understandings that I thought were now part of everyday life are being thrown aside. Kindness and acceptance of our differences, so long in the building, are being rapidly torn down by people spouting feelings that I thought would be despised by all, and yet these disturbing people are reaching out and winning the trust and confidence of nations who should know better. I’m bitterly disappointed, and frightened for what’s still to come.

So, we (fans)feel that you are working on the quite new album which is connect to very interesting „Pledge“ project –  can you describe this model and your experiences with this project?

The idea behind the Pledge Campaign was to try to give the fans an open door into what it took to make an album, rather than just delivering the final, shrink wrapped item. I wanted to give them the opportunity to witness just how hard it can be, the emotional ups and downs, the good days, the bad days, how a sing evolves from a tiny idea, why things sometimes don’t work, all of it, from the very first note written, all the way through photo sessions, artwork, mixing, everything.

It is a good experience but not without its worries. Letting people hear things that you know are not yet good enough is difficult, but that’s the process I want people to witness so it has to be done.

Your cooperation with also well known producer and musician Jean Michel Jarre was maybe not surprise for electronic music scene, but The Mission should be great and quite different work…

I’ve done so many collaborations over the last year. As well as The Mission and Jean Michel Jarre I’ve also worked with British band Dusky, Roman Remains, John Foxx and Mexican band Titan and a few others.

And what about music scene from Eastern Europe – it´s very interesting because we have very strong fan base of electronic bands/projects from early 80´s to nowadays (Depeche Mode, NIN, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Camouflage…). Can we expect your tour trucks in European cities next year? For example Prague, Bratislava or Budapest?

I hope so. My new album will be released through BMG, hopefully in August, and the intention is to try and visit as many countries as possible, especially those we haven’t been to before. I’m good friends with a band called IAMX and I’ve been watching their progress very closely as they toured through Eastern Europe recently. It seemed to be amazing so that makes feel very excited at the possibility of going there myself.

Gary, big thanks again for your time…

Mojo Lieskovský/DOUBLE LOUD


Check my first interview with Gary here:

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