Good to listen: Paul Kendall | Angleterror

I have always been listening to music trying to find out what/who influenced the artist. Did he stick to the original idea and fight their way across invited producers and sound engineers?

After years I came to the conclusion that I was very fascinated with the production and mixing tracks / albums. Especially with the people with their characteristic handwriting, who metaphorically signed the record. I even feel now that I search more albums primarily by co-producer than by artist. And nothing better can happen than when a producer / sound engineer issues his/her own project (I wrote about the producent works of Eno, sound accomplishments of Laco Lučenič or Byrne)…

I found initials “PK” a few years ago, when I leafed through the booklet of my favourite Recoil (aka Alan Wilder). Each record of Recoil containing “PK” is a guarantee of psychologically conceptualized sounds pumped out of an infinite database of audio samples or fragments. The content of PC in the records :) I am very motivated to find out who is behind…

Kendall worked in the past with Olivia Louvel, specifically the project “Digital Intervention: Capture” also known with the song  “Coma Idyllique” (featuring Alan Wilder). Olivia was recently as a solo artist and released the album called “Doll Divider”.

Album Angleterror is exactly where you should not look for the head and heel or no concept or idea, but just dip in and listen to sounds. Home Glass Eye is as if Brian Eno dropped out of the computer, the second Starvation surprises you with sudden twists. Guitars appear in rhythmic Wheel and slow paced of Mincing you get Betrich or Route 1 +2.

Always consider if it is good time to listen to Angleterror – if it is a poorly chosen moment and you are mentally unprepared Kendall formation can avenge your nerves… or you will absorb it positively. And I recommend headphones rather than speakers. The album was released as a digital download.


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