Good to listen: Brian Eno | Drums between the Bells

Put the world-renowned producer and founder of ambient, sound engineer Brian Eno “with the drums between the bells” and get an album that once again reinforces the bases of art and music scene in general…

There’s a new Brian Eno album “Drums Between the Bells” full of broadband sounds, electronics and other styles mixed with hardly defined, but interesting atmosphere. Thanks to common themes, Eno has united with a poet Rick Holland and almost 10 years of their cooperation have materialized in this work. A further dimension of recording was delivered by invited artists such as Grazyna Goworek, Caroline Wild, Laura Spagnuolo, Nick Robertson, Anastasia Afonina and others…

It’s an “abstract concept” in which Eno is well aware of what he wants to say and says what is so close to his heart. At the same time you will feel like it’s not possible to play these songs live. Songs begin with a theme that dies before the song ends :) …

Bless This Space is similar to Eno’s other album Another Green World or Another Day On Earth – but with present sound. Single Glitch with Kraftwerk-like voice will certainly please your ears – I always feel as if Eno holds a needle and digs into the vinyl :), the result being a wonderful song.

Slow Pour It Out is an emotional trip to your soul and possibly you will start to think about your values.
Seedpods is a song with a strong voice and an outstanding color ofrising melody.

The highlight is a hard, pulsing and powerful song Sounds Alien – and I’m really wondering if “aliens” were actually there in a studio within these 3 minutes of recording. Other songs don’t have to be described in details – all you need is high-quality headphones and enough time to be a part of music scences.

The album was released under the label Warp in all phys. formats…

Mojo Lieskovský 
(…this review in slovak language here)

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